This service offers customers the ability to have expert water analysis without leaving their home!

Simply dip a test strip, take a photo of it and of the pool water (with the wall in the background so we have a visual for clarity of the water). Then, text us the pictures. We will get back to you with your readings and any instructions, if needed. It’s that simple.

Sign up by filling out the form below. Pay for the service using the Pay Now button. Once signed up, we will text you a special number to text your pictures to for this service.

Please note: Text a Test is NOT computer generated water analysis... it is monitored by an actual person and your answers are typed back by an actual person. There is a $4.99 charge for each NEW testing sequence. When you text in with an issue (green, cloudy etc.) that is considered a “session” and will be billed the $4.99 fee until the pool is clear and swimmable again.

If you have any questions or need more explanation about the service, please contact us. Thank you and have great season!!!  


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