We do both Above Ground & In-Ground Pools

Openings and closings are different for in ground and above ground pools and there are a few different packages we offer depending on your needs and wants.

- Full opening/closing includes removal or installation of the cover

- Partial opening/closing is without a pool cover

We then have other levels we can offer such as some customers ONLY want us to VAC the pool for the first time and they have everything else done. Others want us to get the system up and running. We try to be flexible with our services and help our customers get what it is they feel works for them. For a complete list of what is included in our openings and closings, contact us.

Our Openings Include:

Our openings are FULL service openings.  

• Remove, clean(the best we can) the cover and fold it up. 

• Perform an opening (1 time) vac 

• After vac put the opening chemicals in 

• Brush pool walls and floor  

• Skim the water surface  

• Start filter system and make sure it’s running good. 

• Install all accessories (ladders, handrails, eyeball fittings Etc.)

Our Closings Include:

Our closings are FULL service as well.  

  • Backwash system and clean (de and cartridge ) filters and drain tank once closing procedure is finished.  

  • Vac the pool to lower the water to the correct level  

  • Remove all accessories (ladders, hand rails, eyeball fittings etc) 

  • For an inground pool, blow out the lines and the filter system with a compressor. 

• Put in the closings chemicals